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Petaluma UnPlugged 2015
From Friday, April 10, through Sunday, April 12, Petalumans are invited to picnic together, stroll along the waterfront and downtown, fly kites, paddle in the river, watch birds, bike, and more during Petaluma UnPlugged.

Individuals, organizations, and businesses are hosting various unplugging events. In addition, unplugging can be a do-it-yourself free family activity. (see the list below for more suggestions.)

Friday, April 10

Saturday, April 11

Sunday, April 12


Here are some easy ways to fill 24 hours of device-free living on your own:

• get together with neighbors for a social
• plant veggies in your front yard
• get out and play in one of Petaluma’s forty-two parks and while you are there take a gander at the local wildlife
• go to the Petaluma Library and check out a book to read
• visit the Petaluma Arts Center and get inspired to make some of your own art
• plant something in the dirt either in your garden or a pot • play acoustic music, sing
• gather your friends for a board game
• cook a homemade meal
• enjoy each other’s company!

"PetalumaUnplugged" was conceived by representatives of Aqus Community, Create The Good Life, and Petaluma Water Ways, three organizations that share the mission of building a vibrant civic life in Petaluma. 



Petaluma Water Ways self-guided tours on foot, by bike, by small boat



Stop by Aqus Cafe during Petaluma UnPlugged and pick up directions to a self-guided tour of the now-and-future trail and water access network. Best link to use for more information about our 7.5 string of riverside gems is petalumawaterways.com.



Petaluma Water Ways today and tomorrow --- walking tour with Susan Starbird


Saturday April 11th 2015

After a 20-minute presentation on the present status of river access along Petaluma Water Ways, volunteer Susan Starbird will lead a 2-mile walking tour of highlights around the Warehouse District and Turning Basin. Time permitting, we'll duck up Water Street and down Steamer Landing Park for some side trips of favorite waterfront landmarks along the trail.  This walk is, unfortunately, not ADA accessible.  Wear your sunhat and comfortable shoes and expect limited bathroom facilities. You MUST RESERVE in advance as this tour is limited to 15 walkers.  Go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/petaluma-water-ways-today-and-tomorrow-walking-tour-with-susan-starbird-tickets-16354979183 to sign up.



Petaluma History Walk with John FitzGerald


Sunday April 12th 2015

Stroll through the historic downtown area surrounding the Petaluma River with local history maven John FitzGerald.  Learn about how our town grew up around the River, and how the historic area and river have changed between Water Street, Washington St. Bridge, and Steamer Landing Park.  Please wear your sunhat and comfortable shoes and leave dogs at home.  Expect approximately 1.3 miles of uneven and varied terrain, not wheelchair/stroller accessible. Limited to 15 walkers. 

You MUST RESERVE in advance: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/petaluma-history-walk-with-john-fitzgerald-tickets-16354316200


Marsh Medicinals workshop


Join Friends of the Petaluma River at the David Yearsley River Heritage Center and learn about the medicinal properties of native plants found in the Petaluma Marsh. We will make salves and poultice for your home apothecary with plants from our local environment. 

This workshop is perfect for those 8 and up who are interested in learning homeopathic remedies while connecting with nature. Call Stephanie at (707) 763-7756 for more information or to sign up.




Port Tasting Experience


Savor the flavors of port, sherry and an aperitif at Sonoma Portworks. Make yourself comfortable at one of our tables, or enjoy the company of new friends at our tasting bar. Bring a book, or a group of friends, and unplug with a glass of port. Noon to 5 pm.



Simple Portraits by Murray Rockowitz


Be in relationship, with yourself, me and my camera, subsequently with viewers of your 8X10 silver gelatin print. One day only, I am offering simplified sittings. Unplugged (natural light) studio portraits. No lights, no computer, just my Rollei, film and us. This is in honor this fine idea to get off our devices! I have six 45 minute sittings available from 9AM - 4PM. While these sittings are relatively brief, you do get my vision and skills. 
Only $275., less than 1/2 my regular North light sitting fee! 707 765-1972 Schedule now!





Saturday - 4/11
McNear School  1:30-3:30

Bring your gently used kids bike or come look for an upgrade.
You don't have to bring a bike to buy one.

Direct cash sale by owner. Price tags provided.
Only bikes in reasonable condition accepted.
Visit Facebook.com/McNearBikeSwap2015